Transcarpathia: charming district inspectors of police work in Perechyn

About half the female sector of district police officers Perechynsky his police station chief Police Major Vitaly Levynets says eagerly. He says in his section on the front seven of the fair sex. Less than a year is headed by a district inspector position leytenant Oksana Senych police. In the summer of 2014, after appropriate courses have started their duties. Entrusted young workers territory Vorochevo village and town Perechyn. Famously took a young worker to work, obedient, willing to learn, as Chief of Vitaly Levynets sure that in the future LeyteNantes police become professionals. Oksana was born on Velykobereznyanschyni in the village Zahorb here and live. Every morning, a young precinct buses, bus gets to work in the city mend, breaking about fifty kilometers. She says it's not hard, because her dream come true, it is - a police officer. She IRIYala since childhood, when I saw the house of his father in police uniform. Father Basil Senych, retired police, retired Major, supported her daughter in selection. Now Oksana at men is service: replaces a day as part investigative team reveals Administrative Offences works to pidoblikovym element.With 19 years of service in law enforcement agencies for three of them a senior district police inspector in the police station sector HOUSE Perechynsky Alexandra King. His service in the police she started from the position of inspector passport offices. And in 2012 led the position of senior local policeman, which works so far. His persistentistyu, professionalism, iron shutter in which Alexander proved that the fairer sex, linking his life with law enforcement, are worthy of honorary title policeman. The territory of service are two administrative stations, including three village councils. Many citizens are turning to their polling station not onlyand through, but also good advice. In 2011, the Ministry of Internal Affairs rights chief Alexander King was awarded the medal "For devoted service second degree." If the person is talented, he is talented in everything. Alexander has golden hands - say those who know her. It seriously is fond of art kanzashi - with a satin weave loskutkiv, beading and Vichyvkoyu bead. C - clever fingers under masters came more than 200 works, most of which she gives: Easter eggs this bead and jewelry girls with satin and embroidery and beads. Most of achieving it - painting, beaded "Jesus crown of thorns," which she presented to her mother. Also, your free time is dedicated Alexanderculinary delights. Cakes for different tastes resort hazdyni capable and beautiful, and delicious. Chief of Police Station Victor V. edge thanks to all workers of his unit for work and welcomes them, if possible, all the ladies with wonderful spring holiday eighth of March. All male composition Perechynsky police department etc.yyednuyetsya these greetings. Miroslav Pekar Perechyn District Police