In the winery Pechersk district court judge declared the fourth prince a judge

judges Pechersk court Oksana Prince announced the fourth disqualification of judges hearing her case in Vinnytsia City Court, reports « Ukrinform & raquo ;. It is reported. in Vinnitsa court seised custody judge prince. KrUniversity of the Vinnytsia City Court elected precaution to judge Kyiv Pechersk District Victor Kytsyuka. Yesterday the court postponed consideration of pretrial release on Prince and Kytsyuka on. March 4th Parliament gave permission for the arrest and detention of three judges Kyiv Pechersk District Court: Judge Oksana Prince, Sergei and Victor WolfKytsyuka. Earlier, Chief Justice Jaroslaw Romaniuk agreed to detention and arrest of judges who were high-profile cases during the reign of Viktor Yanukovych. Oksana Prince was a panel of judges in the first case of former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko. Victor Kytsyuk Oksana Prince were investigating judge in the murder of Eugene Shcherban in which the accusedtion and charged Yulia Tymoshenko. Serhiy Vovk conducted the case Lutsenko.