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Demohrafycheskaya policy. Phases demohrafycheskyh junctions.

Demohrafycheskaya Politics - is Measures, kotore napravlenne on it, Avto reproduction process urehulyrovat population. There are 2 types toy problem. At first, The basic purpose robots aimed at it, make one Avto More Peak fertility and t echoed the contrary - for Reduction. For the first Measures by ctymulyrovanyyu fertility bly proveden in France. Of course, people stymulyrovaly to rozhdenyya children vplatoyu posobyy, lhotamy mnohodetnh for children, prohibition delat abort. NOW, tym prodolzhayut zanymatsya country of Eastern Europe. Of course, Some country and sought Reducing fertility. K leader tyh countries otnosjat China and Japan. K it primadissolved razne Measures, How propahandystskye well and Economic. Result from tyh mayor is also Wieden. In modern demohrafycheskyh indicators Smena typical population obyasnyaetsya ymenno transition from one type for another. Kstaty countries in the world can be to View your site: Today otdelyayut 4 phases demohrafycheskyh junctions: - The firstphase - typical for him Peak fertility and mortality Sharp Reduction. This is obyasnyaetsya topics HIGH something happening PRIROST population. - The second phase - continues Reducing mortality and fertility as well snyzhaetsya. Happening to the process of transition from the family malodetnoy bahatodetnoy. Happening zamedlenyya growth. - Third phase - happeningIncrease urovnja mortality. This is happening as result of zamedlenyya Reducing fertility and conduct for aging population. - Chetvertaya phase - happening vravnyvanye fertility and mortality indicators. When toy faze happening ostanovka population growth.