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In the Rivne region fire due to abuse of the installation and operation of heating furnace nearly killed three men

March 6 at 2:50 to the Rescue by calling « 101 » received a report of a fire in the village. Vladimirets Street Rebel. At the address promptly went another guard rescuers 11th GosFire and Rescue vnoyi of the district center. Upon arrival to the place of call it was found that the fire originated in the two-story auxiliary buildings housing sector. The fire covered the entire roof and first floor room at the windows out thick black smoke. Located near another outhouse, woodpile, house and auctionovyy kiosk. Promptly after spending deployment rescuers filed for extinguishing water barrels. The fire was quickly localized, not letting the fire spread to other buildings. Later, firefighters finally eliminated the fire. However, the fire had destroyed the roof and floors of the building and property, which was in the middle. Later ’ it turned out that the moment of fire in the building were three men who miraculously managed to escape. One timely noticed smoke in the room where they slept. Therefore, they managed to run on time on the street and call rescuers. Injured and killed by a fire there. Inspection of the scene showed that the chimney in the building was laid closeto trees ’ wooden structures covering, rafters, and chimneys used for asbestos cement pipes is forbidden « fire safety regulations in Ukraine & raquo ;. Cleaning the chimney soot was carried out for a long time. Although it is required to do at least once every three months. Thus the cause of the fire – violationfire safety when constructing and using the stove heating. In connection ’ communication that fire due stove heating season is now quite common, rescuers State Service Emergency appeal to citizens: pay special attention to the requirements of fire safety during the installation of furnaces and their operation. Time robit of inspection, cleaning chimney soot and routine preventive maintenance. Add ’ Yatai, prohibited the construction of chimneys and flues close to combustible construction and use of quality metal and asbestos cement pipes. Pam ’ Yatai! Only adherence to simple but extremely necessary measures will help keep your home tand above all life! Be careful, follow the rules of fire safety and instill it with their children from an early age. Volodymyretzh PC PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region