In Lutsk introduction of electronic VAT administration - a system solution to prevent abuses

"E-VAT administration system will control solution for charging, payment and reimbursement of VAT, the elimination of" tax pits "and fraud with VAT" - This business representatives Luck environment during a meeting in the format of "roundth table "assured the deputy chief of the Lutsk LIGHTS Svetlana Sava. In addition, the official said, this innovation will allow for VAT refund to exporters automatically on a month earlier than now. However, according to Deputy Lutsk LIGHTS Svetlana Sava potential for VAT should consider that Grandychnyy level of business volume supply of goods or services for compulsory VAT registration increased from 300 thousand to 1 million. More legislative innovations regarding VAT administration explained experts present Lutsk LIGHTS. In particular, they emphasized the round table that reports ofVAT must be submitted only in electronic form in compliance with the conditions for registration of an electronic signature reporting entities. The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine passes the State Treasury registers VAT payers. VAT payers automatically opened accounts in the system of electronic VAT administration. Tax invoices and calcadjustments to these settlements will take shape only in electronic form. Sector Communications Lutsk LIGHTS This was reported in Lutsk City Council