Vinnytsia region, pyrotechnics DSNS cleared

artillery shells March 5 at 9:20 at the point called ’ communications State Fire and Rescue 21 of the city. Lypovets was reported that near the village. Brytske in electrical resistance 330kV found pieces of. During the identification experts found thatyyavlenym ammunition is 122 mm artillery shell. On the same day at 13:16 Illinetskyi rescue was reported that in the village. Interest rate Zhornysche local resident was found object, similar to explosive. The situation DSNS workers found that the find is 105 mm artillery shell during the Second Worldth war. The site Munitions were immediately fenced and put under police protection. March 6 items found explosive pyrotechnic work group disposed rescue special unit of HUDSNS. PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region