In Ternopil rescuers met pupils DRUZHKOVKA boarding school

March 5 to Ternopil Donetsk accompanied 7th guardians arrived 30 pupils DRUZHKOVKA boarding school for children with special needs. At the railway station they were met by the regional center rescuers psychological service management professionals DSNS Tern in Ukraineopilskiy and representatives intersectoral coordination headquarters on social security of citizens of Ukraine who move from areas of counter-terrorism operations and temporarily occupied territory. Rescuers have provided IDPs transport and accompanied Service Road Safety Management DSNS and cpivrobitnykiv SAI help reach your destination – Petrykivka Regional Municipal Orphanage. All newcomers warmly greeted, settled in a new place, where they established appropriate accommodation. Here they will be monitored caregivers and physicians in the care of the state. Educators who accompaniedcomply with the children, thanked everyone who participated in the evacuation boarding and concerned issues of further accommodation. In particular, they expressed their sincere gratitude to the employees of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies. Ternopil ready to help and support anyone who comes into its territory in search of peace and quiet awayyttya. So if there is a need, people coming from the eastern and south-eastern regions of Ukraine can always get all the necessary assistance by calling the toll-free number around the clock « 101 & raquo ;.