Transcarpathian was on trial for drug possession and holding narkoprytona

Irshavsk District Court verdict Zakarpattia Oblast sentenced to 2 years imprisonment 33-year-old Irshava. Male organized in his room and he narkopryton smoked marijuana. Operatives Irshavsk police station MilicaAI received information regarding occupant Irshava that he organized at his home narkopryton. When the tabernacle irshavtsya navidalysya police, they found a room in the kitchen window sills device for drugs and marijuana. Male guards explained that he found last year at the landfill plastic bag in which toUla marijuana. This package he brought home and kept in the kitchen. Then with a friend smoked marijuana using this homemade device ... Examination confirmed that the substance is indeed particularly dangerous drugs circulated prohibited. Irshavtsyu been reported suspicion of committing a crime just two articles of the CriminalCode of Ukraine: the 309 part 1 (illegal possession of drugs without intent to sell) and Part 1 st.317 (organization of space for illicit drug use, as well as providing space for this purpose). Investigations in full criminal investigation was sent to Irshavsk court for decision. The defendant guiltyfully acknowledged. The Court, having considered repentance, active assistance in detecting criminal offense, the defendant appointed punishment of imprisonment for a term of 2 years probation period. Vita Horzov Irshavsky District Police