Employees SSS arrested hmelnychanyna who tried to rob a supermarket

In one of the Khmelnytsky supermarket management employees of the State Guard Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region detained a man who tried to make stealing food. Around 20.30 the remote central observation GSO received signalalarm from one of the supermarkets. Alarm button pressed guards institution. Arriving at the scene, police detained a man who tried to steal from store shelves food. As explained institution employees, 33-year-old man walked around the store and looked at the product. Long rows of wandering between trade,he chose products - coffee, a few cans of canned food and vodka, but for some reason the product was not in the basket, and hid under clothes. Actions attacker were seen guards shop using CCTV cameras. After a "walk" store visitor finally went to the door, not for rozrahuvavshys taken from the store. The appearance on the threshold WORKERivnykiv police for thieves was a real surprise. The police of the attacker was taken to the police station for further clarification of the circumstances of the event. The amount of material damage to the supermarket, is more than 330 USD. UDSO at MIA Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/