French-Swiss group working on a film about the hero of Heaven hundreds of

in December 2014-January 2015 the French-Swiss group in cooperation with the Ukrainian side shot a material for the documentary "Sasha wings on the Square", which describes the revolutionary developments in Ukraine . Now is editing and translation of the tape. After 6-9 months, it will showUts River on television in France and Switzerland. This was reported by the Ukrainian side project coordinators. The film lasting 90 minutes showing events Maidan and describes the life of one of the Heroes of Heaven hundred and Ukraine, honorary citizen of the city of Rivne Alexander Hrapachenka. Documentary film director Emmanuel Graff. The main objective of tape –show that future generations Ukraine and the world can learn from and emulate take the example of Sasha, all Heaven and hundreds of soldiers ATO. Now the film is in the process of translation and mount. It will be ready in 6-9 months. All of Europe involved in collecting money to pay for the work of translators and montuvalnoyi group. In the French cityystetskomu site creation Ulule official movie page for fundraising. The film will be broadcast on TV France and Switzerland, and will be shown at various international film festivals. Ofitsiana group dedicated city ’ memory Sasha on Facebook Official page of our film on Facebook Told