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Vinnytchina: "Shevchenko is always among us, in all the worlds of his poems are heard" (+ photos)

March 5, at the reading room documents department of humanities, natural sciences and engineering Vinnytsia Regional Universal Scientific Library. KA Timiryazeva was literary and arts festival "Shevchenko always among us, in all the worlds of his poems are heard"Dedicated to 201 anniversary of the birth of TG Shevchenko. Unsurpassed torch Ukrainian culture, brilliant poet, artist, thinker known not only in Ukraine but also worldwide. Great Kobzar ascended to the heights of the human spirit, love all mankind, for he was a great patriot of Ukraine, has commanded us to love the people cherish their culturein. Recall that in 2014 celebrated 200 years since the birth of Taras Shevchenko. This anniversary date a series of measures aimed at promoting the work of the Great Poet and perpetuate his memory. Decree of the President of Ukraine on May 16, 2005 established the annual celebration of the Shevchenko Day, which falls on 9 wouldereznya - the birthday of Taras. "He is a poet of all mankind? as the poet said about the famous British political activist Pauline Bentley - Taras Shevchenko goes beyond a single country. His call for brotherhood and love for truth and justice, and above all - freedom, has universal significance ". Proof of this is the fact that the works poeand published abroad more than 300 times and translated into 147 languages. Writings of Taras Shevchenko was the source for the creation of operas, ballets, cantatas, suites and more. Vdyvovyzhu fact that there is no analogue in the world writing: 240 Shevchenko's poems that make up his "Kobzar" composers composed over 500 pieces of music. In the world constructed whiteshe than 450 monuments to Taras Shevchenko, particularly in the US, Canada, Italy, Argentina and France. In the Regional Scientific Library of Shevchenko days has become a tradition. Librarians for this year's event were prepared such exhibitions views: Exhibition personalities "He spoke by the mouth of the people" - Department documents with dumanitarnyh, technical and natural sciences; Press Exhibition "Well-known and unknown Shevchenko" and view "Shevchenko in Ukraine, Shevchenko each his ..." - newspaper sector periodicals. During the event there listened to the speech writers, reciting poems TG Shevchenko. The participants literary and arts festival had the opportunity to enjoy performanceof musical works by students of Vinnitsa College of Culture and Arts. MD Leontovich and watching video excerpts "Taras Shevchenko" Will "." This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration