Transcarpathian drove his car into a mortar shell

mortar shells in the car that belongs to a resident of a rural area Perechynsky, found local law enforcement. In place of the finds were put police protection. Samu mine zneshkodzhuvaly employees of the State Emergency Services. On the morning of the ninth one of the villages Pereechynskoho district told "his" the district police Lieutenant Eugene elms that he found in the woods "bomb." The guy said that together with his father, they decided to give law enforcement discovery, and to this end zahruzyv her father to the car ... Grab The district immediately responded to the message, making sure that the car really optiahodytsya mine, the district has taken the necessary measures to protect the scene before the arrival investigative team police department. Upon arrival, fire units found that finding is dangerous mortar shell length of about 45 cm. Diameter over 110 mm. with metallic feathers. Fortunately, ill-considered action perechyntsya not cause the negativetive consequences mine successfully remove and neutralize. Meanwhile, police have warned citizens once again: Be especially careful when detecting explosive devices. Do not touch their hands, and immediately inform 102. Miroslav Pekar Perechyn District Police