In Transcarpathia in accident killed three young men at

Tyachiv district young driver "BMW" lost control, foreign car flew off the road at speed in the stream. The driver and two passengers were killed. March 5 in the morning of the next Tiachiv police department received a report of an accident on the highway Mukachevo-Rohatyn Lviv between two paragraphsTami Tiachiv and Bushtyno. At the scene arrived investigative team. In the stream near the road police found the car overturned on the roof of "BMW" black. When foreign car pulled out of the water, they found inside the terrible scene - dead bodies of three young men ... Those affected have been installed - are residents of the district s.Dulovo Tiachivaged 25-32 years. The cause of the accident was that the 28-year-old driver lost control and flew off the road into a ditch where the car overturned in a stream. Men zahlynulysya water ... According to Acting District Police Chief Tiachiv Basil Pokovba by this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 3 st.286 Kryminament Code of Ukraine (Violation of traffic safety or operation of the vehicle that caused the death of several people). Circumstances terrible accident on Tyachiv district must figure out the investigation. John Philip Tachivski District Police