In the Lviv region in most cases, the victims of fraud with payment cards not carefully guarded privacy

On this and on how to combat this type of fraud on March 5, was discussed at a press conference at the Directorate of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region. Participating in the press conference was give headilu cybercrime Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv Oblast Police Major Oleg Dill, Deputy Head of Security Department of Western FCU Privat Peter Harkavyy and social activist Roman Matis. He organized the meeting, Deputy Chief of staffing Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region police captain Roman Bahovskyy.Recently, law enforcement officers Lviv region daily reports of fraud related to payment cards. The fight against this type of crime - extremely complicated task for law enforcement, because attackers are constantly improving their skills, inventing criminal schemes that do not have time to neutralize the security of banks. "From the beginning, we transferred to the court 34 criminal proceedings based on facts such fraud. The biggest problem with the disclosure of such crimes - is to identify the attacker. Sometimes fraudsters to commit a crime using more than ten calling cards, so follow them extremely difficult, "- said Oleg Dill. According tolaw enforcement officers, victims of credit card fraud in 90 percent of cases were customers Privat, since the bank has the greatest variety of public services and constantly improving the system of electronic banking. "Actually, so we decided to start cooperation with Privatbank is because the administration is interested in uncovering directionsuch crimes, "- said Oleg Dill. According to Roman Matis, the idea to combine the efforts of the bank employees and law enforcement to protect citizens from fraud, came during a meeting of the leaders Samborskogo police department with community activists. "In fact, during this meeting, we were talking about fraud. We decided to invite to participatein the discussion of representatives of Privat and as a result have found a solution that also introduce "- said Roman Matis. The administration of Western FCU Privat decided to assist law enforcement in identifying criminals. "I would not like to reveal some aspects of the service of the bank, but I can tell - is mand working on simplifying identification of persons intruders, involving the work of telephone operators and other structures. This, however, requires time and some changes in the law, but if we did manage to introduce these aspects, protection of bank clients grow at times, and identify intruders will become much easier, "- said Peter Harkavyy. In general, the first of Privat Ukrainian banks, which in the interests of their clients agreed to cooperate with the police. This has yielded results. "In the past the bureaucratic burden on the police forced us to work on such crimes 2-3 months now, after Pryvatybank out to meet us and help Identifiercomply with the person, we will disclose such offenses quickly and effectively "- summed up the meeting Roman Bahovskyy. If the experiment will prove the effectiveness of this law enforcement experience Lviv will be distributed throughout the Ukraine. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region