In Uzhhorod opened the first free school dentist office

Indoors school 10 in Uzhgorod first opened in Uzhgorod (located in the school) free viewing dental office for students of the city. Arranged room and made possible the opening of its Foundation « Caritas Transcarpathia & raquo ;, – correspondent informs. Jaroslav S?f?r, by CF « Caritas Transcarpathia & raquo ;, Deputy Mayor of Uzhgorod said that all the technical work done at the end of September and beginning of October 2014, three engineers working in the UK. Helped carry equipment from England to CF « Caritas Transcarpathia » Honorary Citizen of Uzhgorod Brian Earland. &Laquo; The Foundation is one of the oldest in Transcarpathia and running since 1991. He has a lot of good things, but even the best will in the future, – says Yaroslav S?f?r. &Ndash; The idea to create a cabinet came to me for a long time, managed to find like-minded and realize all & raquo ;. According to J. S?f?r were at work and grief:in customs bonded warehouse disappeared Toolbox, had to buy everything again. Purchase of consumables also took the CF « & raquo ;, Caritas as utilities. Oksana Klitynsky, k.m.n, professor of pediatric dentistry dental faculty UzhNU said: « For me, as a physician and scientist, this event&Ndash; big positive. These cabinets are very useful for students so that they have less problems in the future. For worldwide prevention is the primary event, and then goes treatment and recovery, which is quite expensive, painful and problematic & raquo ;. According to Mr. Klitynsky earlier similar offices existed in Soviet schools and is sposterihayetsya tendency to recovery. Children ohlyadatymut dentists who have diplomas. &Laquo; they will show their full attention to each child, execute documents and make recommendations to each student, on what should be focused & raquo ;, – says the professor. In practice UzhNU already have such cooperation with the school 20, howeverexamine children at the dental faculty university. Stella Kesler, director of school 10 said that she gladly supported the opening of this office. &Laquo; Children in big delight. This help parents and how difficult to break out of prophylactic administration of a doctor & raquo ;, – Stella said Kesler. As described Oksana Klitynsky,general situation of health ’ pits in teeth Transcarpathian students catastrophic. Following the review, 6 thousand. Children and Uzhhorod Uzhhorod region, 98-99% have serious morbidity milk teeth and 92% – permanent. In addition, the Transcarpathian 315 thousand children are only 30 children dentists office. The new office will work with childrenwe are a group of 10 doctors. This review will be conducted in addition to classes in game form. Will be able to get an appointment with the dentist and students from nearby educational institution 11, then plan to expand the capabilities of the cabinet. By the way, philanthropists and scientists are not limited to Uzhgorod students. As Jaroslav S?f?r recentlyvisit took place in Velykobereznianskyi boarding school where dentists tested dental health of children and taught them how to brush their teeth properly. Told