In the Rivne region 10 years in prison - for murder verdict Bereznovsky

villagers District Court on 02.05.2015 23-year-old field convicted of premeditated murder (signs of a criminal offense under Part. 1, Art. 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years. The event occurredlast October in a village Kostopil area. Late in the evening near the local house of culture between two guys fight occurred, after which 23-year-old Vadim, being dissatisfied peer behavior and attitude, personality, caused his fellow villagers 4 stab wounds in the chest and back. From obtainthese injuries, the latter died on the spot. During the hearings, the defendant admitted his guilt and repented. By dangling his human life asked for forgiveness from the mother of the deceased. Given the cruelty and audacity of the crime, prosecutors oriented court to appoint a man to punishment of imprisonment for 10 years. This position wassupported by the court. Also, according to the verdict of the court sentenced the mother of the deceased has to pay 122 500 hryvnia losses sustained. It should be noted that a court indictment is not legally effective, the participants of the proceedings have the right to appeal his order in the statutory period. The public prosecutor, seniorProsecutor District Prosecutor Kostopil Olga Bandura