In the Zhytomyr region in Novograd Volyn region during the day police tracked down the thief of Agriculture

Operatives established and detained a man who stole from the house at night villagers TV, leaving it on the table instead of a pillow, hidden by a towel. At present, the suspect explains his actions in the context of criminal proceedings. By Junegovo of Novograd Volyn Gorotdel police turned 60-year-old resident of one of the settlements of the area and reported the theft of his house. At the scene went investigative team police officers, who told the victim that the house currently no lives. And the morning of the day he, as always, came to be busy householdsodarstvu when he saw that one of the window frames damaged huts. And when a man entered the room, I noticed that the place where it was TV, now is the cushion, cover with a cloth, which he constantly covering technique to not accounted dust. Law enforcement officers began searching the night the thief. The survey of local residents are receiving msgAli information to commit theft may be involved unemployed 53-year-old local resident. By checking this development, detectives tracked down a man. He was really involved in the theft, however, admitted that only after his home found stolen electrical engineering. The detainee told investigators that longknew that in the house no one lives, then planned to steal. TV was going to keep. Commented head Novograd Volyn city police department Sergei Ryaboshapka, police seized stolen and returned to the owner. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part. 3 of Article 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code UkRaina. Sanction punishable by imprisonment for a term of 3 to 6 years. Inna Vovchenko, Novograd Volyn CF MIA Ukraine in Zhytomyr region