Ivano-Frankivsk region in identifying suspicious Munitions need to know

In the case of items left unattended in a public place opytayte people who are nearby. Try to establish who they are or who they could leave. If the owner is not found immediately report the discovery pravoohorontsyam. Do not try to look inside a suspicious package, box, or other object. Do not pick up abandoned things, no matter how attractive they are, they can be disguised bombs (in plastic banks, cell phones, etc.). Outdoor knock your feet objects lying on the ground. Characteristic signs that indicate the mozhlyvu presence of explosives in a suspicious object: - Suspicious circumstances appearance items - bags, packages, boxes, metal and glass containers etc. left unattended owners in this place and now. - Suspicious circumstances appearance just freshly painted or plastered wall space, land or dug pilesdebris in the path; - Availability of items in the typical form of regular ammunition, training and simulation, signaling, lighting, fireworks; - The existence of obvious details that bring explosives into effect (batteries, toggle switches, buttons, timers, wires, etc.); - The sound of the movement of pidozrilohon the subject; - The presence of the subject smell of petrol, gas, solvents and other chemicals; - Availability of electric drives (antennas, mobile phones), lightguide that continuously flashes or lights; - The presence of smoke coming out of the subject - the presence in the doors (windows) any foreign objects attached to them by line, guidanceor adhesive tape. If the detected object, in your opinion, should not be in this place and you seemed suspicious, do not leave it unattended. Dear parents! You are responsible for the life and health of your children. Explain to the children that any item found on the street or in a porch may pose a risk to their life and health. Always forontrolyuyte situation around you, especially when you are at the facilities of transport, entertainment, sports and shopping centers. If you find an unknown object, which causes your suspicions institution shall immediately inform the discovery and health administration. If you find a suspicious object unknown to the entrance of the house, opytayteneighbors. Maybe he belongs to any of them. If the owner does not have - immediately report the discovery in the division of MIA of Ukraine by calling 102. In all these cases: - Do not touch, do not move, do not open the detected object; - Fix detects the subject; - Try to do everything possible so that people went away fromfindings; - Be sure to wait for the arrival of investigative department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (You are an important witness). Do not take any action on their own findings or suspicious objects that can be explosive devices - this can lead to their explosion, numerous casualties and destruction. If suddenly began to activate security forcesand also law enforcement, show no interest, go the other way, but not Run to You are not mistaken for the enemy. In the event of an explosion or fire immediately fall to the ground, preferably under cover (curb, booths, car, etc.). For greater security cover your head with your hands. Accidentally learned of the attack, prepared immediately messagesomething about it to law enforcement. If you become aware of the preparation or commission of a crime, report it immediately to the police Ukraine! In all, without exception message police will ensure prompt response related services, including explosive and technical service of the police and take care of people's safety. Hour phone number, whichoperates in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (0342) 50 - 85 - 07 or "102".

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