In Ternopil tourism development in small towns and villages discussed in RSA

Initiated by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Regional Administration March 5 held a roundtable on "clusters of tourism development in small towns Ternopil '. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the feasibility ofand the development of tourism in the towns and villages of Ternopil region, tourism infrastructure of the region and creating tourist clusters (for example, the joint project of Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Institute of Governance (m. Lviv) on "Creation of tourism clusters in the small towns of Lviv region"). According to Deputy Director of the Department -Head of tourism infrastructure development department of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism RSA Nazar Jaworski, today tourism - a tourist product that you want to sell. "Adopting European experience, we need to develop the right marketing strategy of touristx territories to achieve the highest international standards of entertainment, hospitality, food and most importantly - make cooperation of the three branches of society, involving government, business and the public sector - said Nazar Jaworski. - Only by combining our efforts, creating a quality tourism product, we can get out of the crisissituation and achieve high economic development, city or village has to offer exactly the flavor that highlight its compared to other regions. " As the head of a cluster of rural green tourism "Picturesque Berezhanschyna" - Vladimir Yakimov, one of the main goals is to promote maximum areas for the development of rural toursweapons of mass destruction. "We have to find something to offer, the modern tourist interest from the big city. You need to gather information in reference books, guidebooks, fill Internet - source present themselves at trade shows, organize festivals, to do everything to ensure that tourists want to see the inexhaustible wealth of our country, "- he said. PID the roundtable discussed a number of important issues, bringing mayors of Ternopil come to a common conclusion - with great potential, you need to use it to create your own tourist product and thereby contribute to the economic development of the region. Ternopil is one of the most promising planes for pozvytku domestic tourism and today the future of the industry is dependent on how you use the wealth that we have. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration