In the Lviv region rescuers continued to teach school children safety rules

March 5 experts called love ’ bonds with the media and public relations of the Main Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region, together with representatives of the Municipal Coordination and Methodological Center « Galician Youth » conducted a training lesson with students younger thans middle class specialized secondary school 4 m. Lviv. Pupils fourth grade prepared an interesting play on the safe outdoor recreation. Young actors performed songs and kolomyiky and in verses stressed viewers rules on safe use of fire in ecosystems. The representative continued DSNS lesson and devel-saith the students about dangerous situations. In particular, through dialogue and in the form of games kids told about the causes of fire and reminded the rules of conduct in a fire. Students guessed the riddle, talked about their life stories and demonstrated good knowledge in the field of life safety. Rescuers worked with childrensamoporyatunku elements of the simulated smoke-filled environment and situation call to Serve salvation. At the end of the lesson, students watched an educational cartoon about the basics of fire safety. Kids thanked rescuers for an interesting event and promised to follow all safety rules.