In Khmelnytsky rescuers eliminated fire in a building

March 4 to 22 hours Rescue « 101 » residents call with. Bilyzhyntsi Iziaslav area and reported the fire, which occurred in one of the apartment buildings on the street. Chapaev. To the scene quickly arrived workers 13th State Fire and RescueSecond part of the city. Iziaslav and local fire brigade with. Bilogorodka. The fire was localized at 22:28, eliminated at 22:29. The fire destroyed the overlap area of ??3 square meters. m. The rest of the building rescuers have protected from destruction. According to preliminary version, the fire was due to the violation of fire safety during the placement and operation of heating Pecand. ACCIDENTS fire was. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast