In the Transcarpathian region that do to hike in the mountains not ended tragically

Many tourists come to Transcarpathia from other regions to conquer peaks. But people often forget about the dangers watching for the slopes. Failure to comply with the rules of behavior in the mountains can at best lead to injury, and at worst – to death ThRes failure of a cliff or getting into an avalanche. So once again remind rescuers Transcarpathian citizens: do not overestimate their own ability and strictly follow the basic rules of safe mountaineering. First of all, should register with the nearest rescue service unit, ready to march, taking warm clothes and Alpinestske equipment, to overcome the mountain slopes unless accompanied by experienced travelers and tour stop in adverse weather conditions. Pam ’ Yatai: neglect these tips can lead to tragic consequences. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region