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In Ternopil region takes action in support of children killed ATU

members charity event "gives joy to children" continues in Ternopil. Its goal - to help and support children whose parents were killed during combat missions in the area of ??anti-terrorist operations. March 4 in the shares representatives of Ternopil regional centerSocial Services for Families, Children and Youth, together with representatives of the Department of Family, Youth, Culture and Sports Physical State Administration visited the mother of the deceased "cyborg" John Vityshyna who lives in the village. Great Berezovytsya. Mother of the deceased soldier gave appliances and sweets, stationery and clothing for daughters of JohnVityshyna. By the way, clothes gathered representatives of the "Union of Ukrainian Youth" together with volunteers from Canada. Recall 80 fighter air crews John Vityshyn village of Great Luke died in the defense of the Donetsk airport on January 20. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration