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Chernivtsi region, there have been 4 per night fire on one of which killed

people March 3 sec. Vasyliv Zastavnivsky area there was a fire in a building. On fire said local resident who was passing by the house and saw the windows of the building as smoke comes out. He immediately ran to the house and brought 62-year-old owner of the house into the street and holovik have been no signs of life. Locals call the special line 101. At the scene were sent to fire and rescue units from the city mortgage. Due to the late notification of a fire, upon arrival firefighters fire covered the entire house. Rescuers prevented spread of flame ’ for I, along roztashovANU building. The fire was smoking owner. Total overnight there were 4 fires where firefighters rescued from destruction of buildings 4 and 1 units. Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region appeals to citizens, city ’ Note that fire, which killed people often arise from the human factor. Compliance protypozhezhnyh rules does not require any super citizens, but makes it possible to save lives and health ’ i. Press Service of the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region.