At Vinnytsia no arrears of wages to teachers

According to the Department of Education Administration, now in no arrears of salary teachers. Moreover, in full all payments are made, such as seniority and superintendence offices. In all, theAyon region retained premium for the prestige of the teaching staff labor and cash rewards for hard work - 5 (Kryzhopolsky, Pogrebysche, Tomashpil Chernivtsi regions) to 80% (Illintsi, Tyvrovsky, Chechelnitsky, Shargorodskii districts, towns and Jmerinka Ladyzhin). Due to lack of funds in the budget in some pAyon area educators offer to go on vacation at his own expense. However, as noted by the Deputy Director of the Department of Education Regional Administration - Chief of secondary education, preschool education and upbringing of Andrew Lisak, educators can not be shipped to leave without payThe employer has no right to it. "This is not right and we need to understand that teachers exercising their functions can not be sent on leave without pay during the school year. This position of the Department of Education and Science RSA "- said Andrew Lisak. Recall use leave without paywage - workers' rights, which he can only realize on their own. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration