In Lviv ongoing operation "Primrose"

In order to preserve rannokvituchyh species in Lviv held annually operation "Primrose", which runs until the end of May. During the operation, police inspectors, together with environmental inspection and forest protection workers carry out raids to combat the noncollection of Old and trade rannokvituchyh rare, endemic, relict and the Red Book of Ukraine plants. By the prevention and suppression of offenses related to illegal collection, transportation and sale of rare plants involved over 650 police officers and 250 members of the public. To have provedeno 23 raids. For example, in one of the villages Zolochivskogo area, police found the woman who traded snowdrops. Rannokvituchi flowers she removed administrative record compiled by st.160 (trafficking of arms in forbidden places) CAO. Materials directed to the court. Law enforcement officials urge all citizensdo not ignore any fact trade first spring flowers. In addition, wake caring and thus not pluck primroses in order to preserve their beauty for future generations. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region the materials VDIM UGB Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region