According to the prosecutor's office canceled the appeal court decisions on which illegally alienated three antiradiation refuge in. Exactly

of the prosecution Rivne region pay special attention to protecting the population from the possible consequences of emergencies that may arise in the present. In particular, the prosecutor's office in a letterPadi in 2014 to protect the interests of the state and return from another anti-radiation possession of three buildings totaling more than 3 thousand square meters. entry made in civil cases individual OJSC "Rivnelon" recognizing the right of ownership of these objects. Agreeing with the arguments prosecutors Rivne High Specialized Court Ukrayius with civil and criminal cases 03.04.2015, abolished the decision in absentia Rivne City Court on 18.05.2010 and the decision of the Appeal Court on 14.11.2014 Rivne region on which the objects passed into private hands. The case was sent for a new trial to Rivne City Court. The reason for cassation appealedProsecutor of the above solutions is that courts in considering individual claims for recognition of her ownership of the specified number of storage ignored the laws of Ukraine, which barred privatization and alienation of civil defense. Also left out of sight of the fact that the defendant? JSC neverhad ownership of the objects and the last were the subject of agreement between the parties to the contract of sale. Furthermore the courts to participate in the consideration of the said civil case was not drawn from the regional branch of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in Rivne region - the body which under the law Mr.adilenyy authority to administer and management of civil protection. In a subsequent prosecution essentially defend the interests of citizens and the state, using all the powers granted by law. Note: the investigation department of the Prosecutor's Office of Rivne region is carried out pre-trial investigation in criminal claimrovadzhenni charges of passing in May 2010 one of Rivne City Court judge unjust decision in absentia under which illegally expropriated private property antiradiation three storage street. Factory 12 in. Exactly. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office