In Volyn State Security Service officers detained two thieves in the act of committing a crime

result hustlers do not have time to learn from the shopping bag stolen merchandise institution (alcohol and chocolate). night at 2 h. 50 minutes to the central monitoring point received signal "Alarm" commercial and entertainment venue in Kivertsis, which was guarded by technical alarms. Due to operational actions along the State Security Service was discovered damage to the door of the second floor of the building. With flashlights police noticed movement in the room. To attackers were unable to escape the guards blocked the building. At the scene, policeurgently called investigative team Kivertsi District Police and taken to the scene of Representatives said institution. Soon night "guests" were detained. They were locals - 1969 and 1990 years of birth. Males had a bag packed in 12 bottles of vodka, 8 bottles of champagne, a dozen chocolate bars etc.and a few cans of energy drinks. In this incident, investigators Kivertsi District Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region launched criminal proceedings under Art. 15 h. 3. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Now for illegal night hunting attackers face up to six years in prison. VDSO at MIA Ukraine Volyn raidssti