John Babiychuk: "The image of Shevchenko is a good example for Ukrainian soldiers"

Celebration of 201 anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko take place within a few days. This was announced by Director of cultures, religions and nationalities RSA Gregory Chergui during a meeting of the organizing committee, held under the direction ofActing Deputy Governor John Babiychuk March 4. "This year, at the time of hostilities, the anniversary of the poet is of particular importance, - said John G.. - Taras Shevchenko was, is and will be a symbol of Ukrainian indestructibility, fortitude and patriotism. And now it is his image is for many of our soldiers good atexample, and his poetry raises morale and inspire confidence in victory. " According to the director of the department of culture, religions and nationalities RSA Gregory Sherheya, Taras Shevchenko always urged to fight for their country and sharply criticized those who are afraid to stand against the enemy. "The famous call Shevchenko" Struggle-overcome! "Has now become Dr.?visa every conscious Ukrainian, because only fight we can protect Ukraine from the enemy and defend their independence, "- said Gregory Platonovich. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration