In Chernihiv implemented project " participatory budget "

March 4 in Chernihiv City Council City Council Secretary Vladislav Cook met with representatives of the Polish-Ukrainian cooperation PAUCI who were in the city. Chernigov an official visit. The Polish delegation arrived deputy director of the Foundation KshyshtoFiltsyk f (m. Warsaw), representative of the NGO Association "Topohrafis" Boris Martel (Lodz). Polish-Ukrainian cooperation PAUCI the assistance of the Polish-Canadian democracy support programs implementing the project "participatory budget" - the possibility to increase public activity and establish a true partnership with the government. "The CEAmentation of this project involved Cherkassy Ukraine, Poltava and Chernihiv. Guests reported that the concept of "participatory budget" means the democratic process of discussion and decision-making in which city residents make suggestions on needs of the local community better spent part of the local budget. This project applied in Poland in 2011,for the first time in the city. Sopot in 2014 and has reached over 100 Polish cities. In particular, m. Lodz project used more than 2 years. Contributed by the city public spending proposals for the city budget approved by a vote of residents. Thus, in. Lodz, with 900 700 submitted proposals were admitted to voting, and areto implement identified 80 proposals for the amount that was allocated from the city budget, including 1% or 40 million. PLN. This year the city authorities allocate from the municipal budget proposals for the implementation of the community has 2.5%. According to the guests, most of the projects concerned the scope of municipal improvements, including: resettlement areas responsibleescarpment, roads, sidewalks, playgrounds and so on. Secretary of the City Council Vladislav Cook briefed the guests with the main economic and cultural development of our ancient city and noted that Ukraine and Poland at the municipal level, there are long-standing friendships. Vladislav Cook noted that the introduction of a mechanismm "participatory budget" will expand the dialogue with the local community, to take into account the opinion of most residents in the formation of the local budget. He also expressed special gratitude for the support of European integration process in our country, particularly in local government and said that the city government is open to singingwork. As representatives Foundation, this practice is used in many countries: France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, Poland. Department of Public Relations of the City Council