In Chernivtsi region Understanding on the roads - the key to safe drive

Statistics does not answer how many accidents, including the tragic committed by neglecting basic drivers driving techniques. On this basis — respect for partners for traffic forecasting situations, patientist and balanced. However, no additional arguments are not required in order to understand that mastering simple techniques forms the driving style of driving, programs occurrence of possible risks on the roads. Tips to recommend the traffic police, useful for both beginners and experienced drivers. Here are the main ones. The driver must advance claimovidomyty other road users of your intentions. For example, in heavy traffic, you want to make tuning, turn, turn, and it is very important to notify its intention pointer rotation in advance, not when you have already begun to implement it. Accordingly, your signal will be seen in time, they will understand and be more time for other driversin order to respond to the performance of your maneuver. However, early signaling may introduce other drivers misleading. For example, if you want to stop at a crossroads, then turn direction indicator must immediately after its passage. Otherwise road users can understand this as a signal for performing rotation. After the maneuver Mr.The required test or stop the alarm indicator turn to not mislead other drivers. Habit advance to enable and disable signals direction indicators must be brought to automatism whether you come for vehicles if they are absent. Sometimes the aid useful in showing hand signals, usually if there is failure pokazhchyka turn in the road, or on a bright day, when the sun shines straight in the eye, then it is difficult to see the light turn signal is activated or not. Very important is the position of the vehicle on the roadway. Sometimes, the right turn to perform the driver steers his car in a little bit to the left, which can be interpreted by other drivers, as the beginning of executionturn left and result in a collision. Requires special attention to performance drivers left turn at the intersection of the unregulated heavy traffic, because it is necessary to pass the car moving forward. Sometimes the driver of the oncoming vehicle stops and allows you to perform left turn, but in this case it is necessaryverify whether other drivers moving to do the same meeting. It is important to provide information to drivers who move back, change the speed, it will allow drivers to prepare ahead of time for braking. To do this before brake must repeatedly touch the brake pedal, brake light earn that draw inweight drivers and they will advance in accordance ready to fulfill your braking. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Chernivtsi region