The leaders of Rivne coordination meeting at the prosecutor's office area together jointly solve problems in the region

Rivne region prosecutor Sergei Kubrak held a coordination meeting 03/03/2015 heads of law enforcement agencies, which discussed the state of combating crime and corruption in the region. The meeting was attended by theauthorities and local self-governance Rivne region. Among the guests - heads of departments of regional units prosecutors, the Interior, the Security Service of Ukraine and miskrayprokurory, heads of regional police station. The event featured information about the crime situation in Rivnenskiy area in 2014 and analyzed the effectiveness of the police used them to improve the protection of human rights and freedoms and interests. In particular, the meeting noted that due to the coordinated efforts of all law enforcement agencies, as well as collaboration with the public was able to influence the stabilization kryminoGene situation in the region. As a result - the crime rate in the area is one of the lowest in the country and is 90.6 crimes per 10 thousand. Population. Strengthened the effectiveness of preventing and combating corruption, in particular of medical institutions and military commissioners when working with persons subject to mobilization. "We submissionsARE to work under military attack while running struggle for territorial integrity of Ukraine. A joint effort of law enforcement and all branches of government and the public in fighting crime issues that impinge on the sovereignty of the state, constitutional rights and freedoms "- with these words addressed those present Attorneyregion Sergey Kubrak. He noted that the need for additional work agreed measures to preserve the state border, establishing law and order in the region, in particular as regards combating crimes against property in economic activity budget (its revenue and expenditure parts). And also faces challenges in the actcial problem inherent in Rivne region associated with illegal extraction of amber. Among the priorities is the real fight against corruption, especially in the field of higher officials. "The main cause of corruption is the shadow economy, which leads to the loss of state revenues and receiving, in turn,criminals profits, part of which goes to the bribery of public officials, law enforcement officers and judges. Therefore efforts should be focused on the detection and suppression of criminal offenses in the field of taxation ", - said the regional prosecutor. His vision of cooperation and solving urgent problems expressed their heads all area law enforcement agencies.During the meeting a number of measures designed to improve the prevention and combating the territory of Rivne region crime and corruption. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office