Rivne: "round table" rescue workers, teachers, doctors, social protection workers and community activists have identified ways to improve psychological support citizens moved from the area ATU

March 3 in the regional state administration on the initiative of the Main Department DSNS held in Rivne « Round Table » at tEMU: « Psychological protection of internally displaced persons & raquo ;. Among the participants were representatives of the regional headquarters to address social and domestic problems forced displaced people (leaders of the Department of Health ’ I, the Department of Education and Science, Department of Social Welfare) and civil society. In his opening remarks, First Deputy Head Yuri Pryvarskyy noted that local authorities always take care of seven ’ pit arriving from the East Ukraine and actively help them in solving social and domestic problems. In better was observed productive work in organizational rescue Rivne regiontion and coordination of social security for citizens who move from the area of ??counter-terrorism operations. At the same time, Yuri Pryvarskyy stressed the need to deepen cooperation services and organizations. In turn, the head of the DSNS in Rivne region Sergey Kruk assured those present in hotovnosti personnel subordinate units to respond to the risks of man-made and natural disasters and to create conditions for the normal functioning of life support systems of the region. According to Colonel Sergei Kruk, it can effectively solve the issue of internally displaced persons. Organized their meeting and support tofor temporary accommodation. Employees of the State Service of the National Assembly are continuously studying the social and living conditions of internally displaced persons and provide psychological and if necessary - domedychnu help. Rescue Psychologists working with families displaced persons to recover their emotional state and return to normal life. Ocdoused attention is paid to workers DSNS most vulnerable – children. Working with kids rescuers using a range of entertaining and educational activities, trips to museums and the city ’ memorable places, visiting the zoo, theater, circus, participating in sporting events, promotions, contests, competitions and more. Everyoneissue IDPs are under personal control of the Head Vitaly Chuhunnikova. About the scope of psychological services DSNS, major achievements in 2014 and priorities for 2015 participants « Round Table » Head of Centre reported psychological support units operativeWallis and Rescue Service Civil Protection DSNS Ukraine Anatoliy Sychevskii. In particular, he noted that the psychological experience of providing emergency assistance to populations affected by emergencies, contributed to properly organize events psychological adaptation IDPs. To ensure the proper level of social securityBAKING this category of citizens of Ukraine State Service of the National Assembly cooperates with the central executive authorities and local governments, public and voluntary organizations. At the end of the speech Sychevskii Anatoly said that psychologists Rescue as all the units of Civil Protection, is in the Villagesys- readiness for tasks. And that would not have occurred problems in everyday life, rescuers DSNS always ready to help. During the discussion « Roundtable » each of the participants expressed their views and suggestions to improve psychological protection of internally displaced persons. As reported today in Rivne Laneebuvaye 3000 617 persons, including 72 children 1000. Courtesy of psychological help 427 people, including 238 children and 7 disabled. PG DSNS in Rivne region

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