Transcarpathian police calls not to lose the first spring flowers for the destruction of

plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, the law provides for a fine of USD 340-510 forfeiture of illegally mined. With the onset of spring begins mass sells rannokvituchyh rare, endemic, relict and listed in the RedBook of Ukraine plants. Special sweep it takes on the eve of the 8th of March. In the markets and streets is now common to see citizens who trade Leucojum spring, snowdrops white and saffron. This disrupts some flowers savagely, straight from the bulb. Because of this annual barbarism gradually destroyed entire species of plants. Through trade of rare and endangered species of plants, people violate the law of Ukraine. Recall that according to Article 90 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences, destruction of plant species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, entails a fine on citizens from 340 to 510 USD. with forfeiture of illegally minedAnd on officials - from 510 to 850 USD. and confiscation. For illegal purchase and sale of plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine st.88-1 Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences provides for a fine of 153 to 408 USD. Remember, buying a bunch of primroses, we become complicit in a crime against nature.As the chief of district police officers Irshavsk police station Police Lt. Jaroslav Todavchych, at this time in the area Irshavsk had preventive measures under the code name "Primrose-2015." - We do our best to protect primrose, but we need your help. So take an active call Transcarpathians UchaAmount to protect spring primroses, -naholosyv Lt. Todavchych. Vita Horzov Irshavsky District Police