Transcarpathia: the Mizhhirschyni on school premises unlawfully placed outlets and telephone communications stations - requires prosecutors to court to terminate this lease agreements

To protect the public and the public interest in education, intermountain region prosecutor stated four complaints to the Commercial Court Transcarpathian regionin the interests of intermountain District Council to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to invalidate the long term leases, such as school buildings. As explained by the prosecutor intermountain region Konstantin Goat, prosecutors investigated the observance of the region of legislation on use and disposal of executive owAda, local government property, the lands of educational, health, medical and other institutions for children. On ’ found out that contrary to the Law of Ukraine « On Education & raquo ;, premises secondary schools (schools) area used for other purposes. In particular, on school premises unlawfully placed outlets and stationsAI called phone ’ communications. The prosecutor added that the owner of the leased premises is local community and communal property management provides intermountain county council. Therefore, prosecutors and entered to protect the interests of the community. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region