In Khmelnytsky based Derazhniansky agricultural area held

training other day in the courtroom Derazhniansky district administration involving head of the Department of Agricultural Development of RSA IA Odzemka held spray training managers and specialists of all farmsownership, heads of rural councils Derazhniansky, Vinkovetsky, Letychiv, Starosyniavs'kyi Raion. In training was attended by researchers of the Institute of Agriculture and feed "skirts" (Director Korniichuk OV), Khmelnytsky State Agricultural Experiment Station "Samchiki" (Director Moldovan VG) predstavnMAP management Derzhzemkadastru PG Derzhzemahenstva in Khmelnytsky oblast administration reclamation and water management, the social insurance fund m. Derazhnya and representatives of banking institutions. During training fully covered the questions that interested agricultural producers. The information was