To close the Ternopil region, people door - thieves watch

Forgot to close the doors of apartments - lost a lot of things. Such trouble befell not a resident of Ternopil. So once again turn to the police countryman not ignore basic safety rules and keep their property from thieves. Because of the safety of the apartmentthief injured 75-year-old ternopolyanka. A woman being at home, not shut the door apartment. This allowed the thief, hijacking some of the corridor two handbags with documents and money. The victim, discover the loss, appealed for help from the police. Law enforcement officers are searching for the thief. Such cases are many. Safety and frivolity inlasnykiv apartments rotating high material losses and moral experiences. To prevent troubles can be by following basic safety rules - entering the home, lock the door with a key. Law enforcement officials are once again give advice on how to protect your apartment from thieves: - Locks on the front door must be protected andreliable; - Take care of quality door; - Do not forget the windows and grilles. Do not leave them open when going somewhere for a few days and be sure to put the lattice, if you live on the lower floors. If you went home uninvited guest, do not hesitate and call 102. Your prompt treatment will help solve the crime "fumesyachymy footsteps "and you return lost property. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region