Zhytomyr region, within 2 days found 10 dangerous war finds

immediately in three districts of Zhytomyr has reported the discovery of ammunition. So, March 1, police said rescuers Malyn that near the village. Fedorivka Malynsky area farmer found a number of suspicious objects. Man walking forestth and noticed unidentified objects were scattered on the ground. Staff Operational Rescue Service « 101 & raquo ;, examined area, seized four ammunition. How can ’ it turned out, they were mortar shells munitions 76 mm. Call for neutralization another Munitions came to the rescue March 2from the village. Ruzhin beyond the river area. With experts DSNS asked a local resident. A man came to clean their own area and during excavation came across artillery shell. Touch the find to the arrival nadzvychaynykiv he dared. Recently identified as pieces of artillery shell caliber 75 mm. Currently pyrohnikamy Management DSNS carried destroy all weapons, including artillery shells found in 5 sec. Kodnia Zhytomyr region. Dear citizens! Rescuers Zhytomyr reminds seeing pieces of outside or something similar to it – immediately call « 101 & raquo ;. Do not try share – do not touchit! Never spray can disassemble or ammunition. Independently carry and no rolls them from place to place. Does not collect or return your items such as scrap metal. Secure from harm themselves and their surroundings! In DSNS in Zhytomyr region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/