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In the Rivne region due to police protection rob a house

homeless people could not planned theft in dwelling house Rivne failed because the wear of over panic button and the opening of criminal proceedings. About 16.30 with protected residential building received signal "Alarm". The police detained a groupSSS went to the address. For eight minutes derzhohorontsi arrived on the scene, and that allowed them to avoid offense. After seeing the object from the outside, the police noticed broken glass rear door. The room was unknown citizen who, realizing that the police are around, hiding. Repeated shoutsderzhohorontsiv "Police. Go! "The man did not respond. After a while citizen realized that hiding is useless and left the house. After talking with the offender, it became clear that people born in the village pecking, homeless. From the house, he tried to bring personal items such as a crystal vase and a statuette. In generalon the amount of damage for damage of personal property is 400 USD. At the scene caused investigative team, citizen invited to Rivne CF MIA. Currently being tested and open criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (theft). UDSO at MIA Ukraine Rivne region