Youth and Sports Minister Igor Zhdanov made a working visit Khmelnychyna

February 27 Youth and Sports Minister Igor Zhdanov visited a working visit to the Khmelnitsky region. During his visit, the Minister met with the management area sports asset and regional youth leaders and visited the sites of sports infrastructure.The key issue of the meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration Oleksandr Symchyshynym functioning Coach was previously financed from the Social Insurance Fund. According to Alexander Symchyshyna, Khmelnytsky Oblast Administration controls the issue and try to completely solve it soon. Igor Zhdanov, in itsturn, called on the region to work together to preserve Coach: "If controversies arise, please immediately notify the Ministry that we worked together on the situation." He also said that as soon as Parliament has to approve amendments to the state budget, and Coach will receive subvention planned in the amount of100 mln. USD. After meeting with the leadership of the region, Minister of Youth and Sports attended the grand opening of a national wrestling tournament for juniors (1995-1997 born) and women which takes place in Khmelnytsky the eighth time. This year it involved 150 young people from 20 regions of Ukraine. "I thank the organizationalAtomic competition, which in this difficult time for our country find strength and capabilities to conduct them. during a meeting with Acting regional governors Alexander Symchyshynym we talked about the importance of conservation and development of mass and youth sport "- the Minister said in his welcoming speech to the participants and organizers of the competition. "Same in this room started her glorious Olympic champion sports way, your compatriot Irina Merleni. This proves once again that the champion can become a winner, born and engaging in any city of Ukraine, not only in the capital. The main thing is not to stop on the way to your goal. So I wish you luck and sports victories ", - said Igor Trainanov. Also on this day, the Minister met with sports asset and regional youth leaders and presented a roadmap for reforms in the field of physical culture and sports. "Everyone understands that for the effective functioning of the sports sector in Ukraine needs quality changes. We're going to do it gradually, building on the European modeling cooperation sports federations and the state, and keeping everything useful that we have now, "- said the Minister during a speech before sports, community leaders and youth interest. Igor Zhdanov said the main points of the Roadmap reforms in the field of sports. Among them, depriving him of the Ministry of extrinsic functions transparencyand combating corruption, and increasing autonomy of the national federations of Olympic and non-Olympic sports, improve anti-doping legislation. "I urge sports leaders at all levels to take up work on the proposed reforms. In particular, through the signing of the Memorandum of support roadmap reforms in the ochnoyi culture and sports. To date, it has joined 38 federations and sports organizations Ukraine ", - said the Minister. Also Igor Zhdanov spoke about the work on the priorities of the Ministry of youth policy. This national-patriotic education of youth projects transparent competition in cooperation with the International Fundth "Renaissance" and involvement in regional competition of youth organizations, youth create buildings in Kiev. "In the future we plan to provide an opportunity to compete for all youth projects of the Ministry of Regional organizations that carry out activities at the national level. Now working mutandis Dr.of the regulatory framework ", - said Igor Zhdanov. He also said that soon will be presented Roadmap youth policy reforms in Ukraine. The information was