Commission in Khmelnytsky Regional Council

high school students report recent regional council of senior pupils at the Khmelnytsky oblast center of scientific and technical creativity of young students gathered once planned gathering of leaders and coordinators of student government in order to hear the reports of commissions. In the meeting was attended by the Oblasnoho center, student government leaders and their coordinators in all districts and towns. Umanets Catherine, head of the regional council of senior, was a leading event in which she brilliantly successful. Members of the Regional Council of senior Commission assessed the work of the Partnership and International Relations (Natalia Stasiuk), Commission on pitaHb protection of children and help in problem situations (Lyubetskoy Helen), Commission on general and adult education (Stepaniuc Julia), Committee on Sports and healthy life (John Chyzhakovska) Committee on the Environment and Local History (Vyunova Svetlana) Commission on Tolerance and spiritual development (Rupcheva Anastasia), toomisiyi Culture and leisure (Pravak Julia), Commission work with young and middle school age (Arzamastseva Anastasia). Coordinators noted the high level of speakers. A pleasant surprise for today's asset Regional Council was the performance of senior shepherd Tatiana, a student of 2nd year Khmelnytsky Universitytheta Management and Law, 2011-2013 Chairman of the DSB. that convinced the student government leaders that their activities - is the key to success in the future. For the leaders of student government event ended with a trip to Khmelnytsky Oblast State Archives, where they learned about the historical and documentary filmed exhibition "Hmelnychchyna during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). ", and a visit to the memorial stele in honor of Heroes Hundreds of Heaven. At this time coordinators organized for final analytical module, during which heard proposals for further actions and functions commissions Regional Council seniors, recovery through communicationwebinars, improving OPC website. The information was