Khmelnytsky police conducted a volleyball tournament memory of deceased colleagues in

gym Yarmolinetskiy Sports school hosted the final tournament in volleyball memory policeman patrol Chornomyzoho Vladimir, who died at the hands of criminals. He was only 24 years old ... Before the event participants broughttali Head of training Regional Department of Internal Affairs Yuriy Tsymbaliuk, deputy head of the police sports club Sergei Berezovsky and Vladimir Chornomyzoho Vitaly father. The tournament was attended by the strongest teams of municipal regional area, so fights out to be the interesting and tense. As for the results,then won Khmelnytsky workers Gorotdel police, the second place was the team of Dunaivtsi District Police, and the third - with Starokostiantyniv police station. Cups, certificates and gifts to the winners of the tournament winners and personally handed Vitaly Chornomyzyy. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region