Rakhmanin: We should not forget how to laugh and enjoy

people invincible until people have not lost the ability to treat myself ironically and sarcastically - to difficulties. We must not forget how fun and laugh. Those who have forgotten how to laugh in heaven are not allowed. Sergey Rakhmanin This writes the author and host of « Game Classics & raquo ;, which comeng to channel ZIK, many publications columnist « Weekly Mirror » Sergey Rakhmanin on ZN.UA. &Laquo; laugh all over themselves first. For free soul. Slaves do not laugh – they cry & raquo ;. So in the novel Paul Zagrebelniy « I Bogdan » Khmelnitsky reflects on his Cossacks, who used to laugh about even beforelychchyam death & raquo ;, – says Sergey Rakhmanin. He recalls that the first reading of this work in the army: « When returned to regimental library book, « klubar » Jack (fighter who Poe mixed in our / h librarianship, postman, projectionist and keeper of the soldier's club) covered restlessly « Roman newspaper » bunch of « combatx layers » and conspiratorial whisper said: « Zampolit yesterday ordered to remove it! & raquo ;. Shrugged did not see anything seditious in the novel. Later, reading, focused on the phrase « Slaves do not laugh – they cry & raquo ;, remembered an old episode and, smiling, thought: « Maybe that is frightened back in 88th when myshnoho always gloomy political instructor? & raquo ;. He notes that « people invincible until people have not lost the ability to treat myself ironically and sarcastically – the difficulties & raquo ;: « affectation unacceptable in the temple, clowning inappropriate in parliament, court (or, say, General Staff) quizzery insults at the funeral. But no war is not to diefork love, no power can impose a ban on pleasure. No crisis can not afford to cancel the first flowers and the first books, poems and songs, holidays and weddings. The smell of Christmas trees, taste the kiss, warm children's palms of your hand. No one and nothing is able to deliver us the ability to enjoy the birth of the child, spring day, his own success, victories friends, nearcal, associates and successes of the country. Let these successes difficult and infrequent. Circumstances may only make us happy and less restrained. But the state's existence depends, in particular, and of the number able to take advantages of smile disaster that befell our common destiny. Disaster, unfortunately, multiplies and depression, and malice. But who said that now ashamedsmile and joke? Tranzhyrni unbridled fun in a country that is sick, fighting, hiding, – shame. Sinful mock of someone else's grief. But laughter is not able to hurt or humiliate the tragic grandeur of the era. Rather, samobychuvalnyy excessive amounts enduring a sorrowful lament of any occasion can turn life-giving to the half-dead. Grand, residentialtyestverdnyy epic – unable to sad comics & raquo ;. &Laquo; irony does not negate critical look at things. It makes it more accurate, eliminating carping. Nevtrachena ability to enjoy clears impurities attitude towards enemies, turning furiously hate the righteous anger & raquo ;, – Rakhmanin said. He adds, however wikiNash songs with words and not cross out of the annals of war, military jokes. He lsovamy these jokes sometimes salty, like a soldier's sweat, and black as soot impregnated Powder face. But they do not allow people to go crazy war before a foolish death. Journalist recalls recent history: « three soldiers, four « Civil & raquo ;. We drove to the area Debaltsivskoho cross. &Laquo; Why warrior helmet? To make was where brains … » &Ndash; in ’ yidlyvo joked fighter ladnayuchy feet Kevlar helmet. This friendly joke laughter greeted passengers in camouflage and deathly silence – passengers in civilian clothes. He was so right joke. He remained there.We returned to Kramators'k. The officer at the Mar ’ yinkoyu talking about radiospilkuvannya neighbors-gunners who « slightly disturbed our checkpoint friendly fire & raquo ;, had the right to joke that is not always « degree vodka is equal degree angle tip & raquo ;. The proximity of the war did not interfere with military smile looking at ballsve holes in the door right at signs « Hotel « World » in Severodonetsk. And in ’ yidlyvo comment text ads on the wall at the same – &Laquo; Regarding the feasibility of collecting tourist tax zone ATO please contact the administrator & raquo ;, « With arms in the restaurant is included! & Raquo ;. &Laquo; EachTime your humor. But each time leaving a place for it. We live until joke, – convinced Rakhmanin. &Ndash; In the words of the immortal Gorin: « Intelligent Face – this is not a sign of intelligence, gentlemen. All nonsense perpetrated on earth with this expression. Usmihaytesya gentlemen usmihaytesya … & raquo ;. &Laquo; Even poor stateoften enriches her treasury coffers humor population journalist adds. Do not know what it is called to life memories of youth. Whether successful foray gloomy mass of citizens in grocery stores. Whether successful mass banter on the subject in the performance of resilient people. Page fb « First national festival of panic and citeryky « Depths & raquo ;, which is gaining rapid popularity, – vivid proof that slaves are less than desired by our enemies & raquo ;. He cites tekilka jokes with social network: &Laquo; I did not pay my rent. Year. Principle. Then change hundred dollars and pay for all sihiv. By the way, I do not live in Sykhiv) » &Laquo; Xochu sobbing and genuinely apologize to all the men I shamelessly vidshyla because of the small size of their salaries to $ 500. Sorry. My former number » Rakhmanny writes that members of his generation were young and cheerful when our young country launched the first sad economic and political experiments. &Laquo; We have caught « successful » Experiments old state. We city ’ yatayemo time when most fascinating book oschadknyzhka after the impairment was considered deposits. We city ’ yatayemo as salary carried in plastic bags, and until we brought « precious cargo » home, its real value had time to fall significantly. At one point we were « Elyoneramy & raquo ;. And we are not amused. But we're amused. We felt like heroes comic thriller « Kupononosylnyk & raquo ;. Recalls and journalist « bearded » Joke: « – You do not have sausage? &Ndash; We have fish and sausage out of a nearby department … & raquo ;. He (the anecdote, – Ed.) &Ndash; greetings from Viennaosno recent past. Our diet consisted of fried potatoes and sausage sandwiches with In so you managed to buy (usually « Miner's »). Once more in tomato sauce, paste caviar, seaweed and even processed cheese gradually moved into the category of deficits. Rakhmanin remembers that at some time it was very easy edovidaty the question « it plans to do on weekends? & raquo ;, for « weekends with his young wife spent in queues for « bone sets & raquo ;, sunflower oil and eggs. And not always successfully, as some of the more enterprising citizens « was » eggs basins and buckets of oil, and reserves the desired product accrue & raquo ;. &Laquo; Back in the days I easily combined Union « uncomfortable with vain & raquo ;, while working at the bakery and as amended, – says journalist. &Ndash; Movements in the number of recruited banknotes needed for a tolerable existence. Ease of was that buildings located opposite each other and could not be spent ontravel. At night I loaded fasuvav loaf or crackers, day mastered the basics of the chosen craft and morning devoted to healthy sleep. On the desktop. Stretching after waking sleeping back, admitted himself that « stolovaya life zhestche season, something polovaya & raquo ;. And then I studied at university, writing and reading poetry, fell in love and wanted.Any overcoming life's difficulties were temporary and seemed & raquo ;. He wrote that he sympathizes with younger coffee lover, for « they do not understand how magic seems to drink, which had to wait for a couple of hours in line at the cafeteria near the metro CG « & raquo ;. Bolshevik &Laquo; little choice – in the neighborhood were only two « coffee isribbon & raquo ;. Not available – &Laquo; fashion » cooperative cafe with « rich » plastic chairs. User – dirty « hendelyk & raquo ;, which poured Burda from touching pan touching opolonchykom. This « coffee » was pronounced beet aftertaste. We laughed: « Whatever cookedUkrainian goes soup! & raquo ;, – says journalist. &Laquo; We city ’ yatayemo when only « social » were smoked cigarette butts that were sold in three-liter jar in the subways and we magnify sellers « & raquo ;. bankers But as you ignore this « Banking & raquo ;, go to work on foot, « gaveand dinner enemy & raquo ;, and the spared bought individually imported tobacco manufacturers mysterious. It is in this era of cigarette so I traded in casual acquaintances its record. I was at work deficit forms in her work – shortfall. I gave her salary … employment records. That was the exact time at tradebminu. And abstract dreams & raquo ;, – Rakhmanin wrote. &Laquo; children, planted trees, built homes, taken height, successes and mistakes, victories and stupidity – it was ahead. Again, we were young and so funny. We were inventive and energetic because they were gay. We have no time for whining. Gaiety was anchor that the permissionslyav hooked for life. And we, cheerful, were lifeline for those who are older. Then he could not understand why his father and mother, who survived the war and famine and seemingly familiar to the more severe needs, harder than I stand prymnozhuvani every day temporary difficulties. I understand now. It is not just that they were young. And don tIlko a solid distance that separated from the forties nine ’ yanostyh. What happened, was perceived by them as the end of an old era. We – as the beginning of a new one. They broke system, we had planned. We thought that we write life from scratch. For myself and for the country. This later on ’ it turned out that we slipped the same book, Thieling from the end. In 2014 notebook was completely written off. It caught fire from the flame ’ I Maidan and dying to ashes in the fire of war. Net notebook got us just now. And, by God, do not start writing the record of complaints. It will be a place and for sorrow, but he just does not have to be a book of complaints. We, whose youth already thresholdzhni shelf robbed eyes, yet not so old. And many of those who are younger, whose youth begins with war, the same cheerful as we are a quarter of a century ago. Against all odds & raquo ;, – writes journalist. He adds that we must not forget how fun and laugh. &Laquo; For free soul. Slaves do not laugh – they cry & raquo ;. Those who wzuchyvsya laugh, are not allowed in heaven, – he says. Told

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