In the Transcarpathian region mountain rescuers found the three misguided tourists

the morning of February 12 in operational and Rescue Service District Rakhivsky owner of the local camp site was reported tourists lost in the region g Stig. Another night before men aged 33 and 36 years old and 18-year-old boy who had come to rest CategoriesTranscarpathia and Lviv, landmark lost and lost during skiing. How can ’ it turned out, the tourists are not signed in rescue units, were not instructed and went to conquer the hillsides in heavy fog. When realized that lost, call rescuers could not due to lack of mobile communication ’ communications. TOJ men kindled a fire and spent the night in the mountains. In the search for skiers at 6:30 workers went mountain search and rescue departments m. Rakhov and village Yassin. Tourists found at 11:13 in the natural Rakhivsky Urda, Toledo District. Medical care they need. Then at 21:50 skiers brought up with. Kosovska Polyana and after midnight February 13 additionalravyly Train Station Yassin village. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region