Bucovina "detects and prevents juvenile delinquency!"

At present the problem of juvenile delinquency is still one of the most critical in Ukrainian society. According to the study, the main causes of juvenile crime is a socio-economic factors such as poverty populatedtion, the growth of social tension in society, unemployment. In addition, political instability exacerbates economic and social situation in Ukraine. Another factor is the unfavorable family environment, problems in relations minor in the school environment, the negative impact of after-school environment. Also, informal and criminalno association involve minors to commit offenses. About how expired in 2014 in the detection and prevention of juvenile delinquency in the area, says her credentials to acting Chief of the Criminal Police Juvenile District Police Kitsmansky Ukraine in Chernivtsi region (hereinafter - SKMSD), a police captain Nazar Myronyuk. - Explainour readers more, what is your job sector? - We carry out complex operational and preventive measures aimed at prevention, detection, detection of criminal offenses committed by minors or with their participation, as well as the stabilization of situation in teenagers in the area. Also, theresponsibilities of employees sector is the identification of administrative offenses committed by minors and against them, identify adolescents who violate the laws or administrative adults who involve juveniles in crime, alcoholism, drug addiction, begging. In addition, we find and take on record neblahopoluchni family, people who commit domestic violence, and conduct preventive work with young people who are in our records. - What statistics violations of minors and against them in our area? - For 2014 we have 7 143 criminal and administrative offenses committed by juveniles and against them. Specifically,on adults compiled 38 protocols for inadequate education of their minor children 6 - for disorderly conduct, 31 - for appearing in a public place while intoxicated, 27 -this bring minors to the state of intoxication, 33 - for smoking in a prohibited place. Also made 3 minutes per cent. "Domestic violence" 1 protocol - for violationsAgenda children in entertainment establishments and 11 reports on violations of trade. In prophylactic accepted accounting 7 minors removed - 11. As registered 2 are minors. - What are the most common crimes committed by minors? - It is mainly bullying, petty theft, assault. We have several cases of violentdepraved actions against minors, distribution pornoproduktsiyi, opium cultivation and storage of ammunition. In addition, found 2 cases of forgery of official documents. - What measures are carried out to detect and prevent such offenses? - During the reporting period this year SKMSD staff and other services Kitsmanskoho District Police in cooperation with relevant agencies and organizations conducted 59 raids on working off holiday destinations and concentration of youth. According to various offenses Kitsmansky District Police brought 76 minors. Together with staff services for children and the district center of social services for youth in the community checkHainaut 35 functionally insolvent families. In order to prevent offenses and legal education of juveniles held 79 speeches and interviews. Detects and minors who beg brodyazhat and, in particular, during the year it was discovered 21 minors a specified category, which was outside the village after 23-00 hours without accompaniedParents water. - Are there any good tools for influencing young people are able to prevent the spread of juvenile delinquency? - Among the primary means of prevention is to strengthen preventive work with pupils district schools, early detection of dysfunctional families and their permanent registration and use on parents who failto perform the duties prescribed by law for the upbringing and education of their minor children crackdown. Also continue working out measures Spots youth, entertainment and gaming, as well as to identify those that distribute pornography, drugs, alcohol and young implement tobaccoyroby. Conduct testing towns of the district the crime the investigation. - Thank you for the interview. Interviewed by Yanna Nykolaichuk, newspaper "Free Life"

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