Gritsak: Unity "two brotherly peoples" Ukraine and Russia will no longer be

Ukrainian and Russian nations separated forever, "the unity of the fraternal peoples" is no more. Told known Ukrainian historian, director of the Institute of Historical Research, Lviv Ivan Franko University, a member of the tender commission on elections director antiques-corruption bureau Jaroslav Gritsak in interviews ’ S LIGABiznesInform. &Laquo; We parted forever because « unity of fraternal peoples » no more. But once all the same we must seek reconciliation. As France reconciled with Germany or Germany – with Poland. These countries fought each other for hundreds of years, but found the GSSand effort to come to terms. As it turned out, to the mutual benefit & raquo ;, – Ya.Hrytsak said. Historians believe the positive experience of the reconciliation between Ukraine and Poland. &Laquo; I think this fact is the greatest achievement of Ukraine in the last 25 years. For Europe as its consequence the opportunity eastward expansion, and Ukraine – strong allyand advocate within the European Community. Poland proved that for a waiver of post-imperial remnants is rapid development. They recognized that Lions – this Ukrainian city, and Vilnius – Lithuanian. Dot. Russia from its post-imperial complexes are not lost and therefore the chances of reform there are high & raquo ;, – Ya.Hrytsak explained. Ofof how many times possible reconciliation with Russia, Ukraine, the historian said: &Laquo; I am a historian, not a prophet. So I can not tell you the exact time. But suppose, for a start you need to Russia was defeated in the war. Since the Russians still do not feel the scale of the disaster and many people think that their country is on the right track. Nobody puts upI voluntarily, this should force the circumstances & raquo ;. Told