In Rivne brawl over

intensive care units Night February 13 in Kostopol injured during a fight 31-year-old local resident. Max with an open head injury and brain concussion was in the intensive care unit hospital. On the injured man to the police department reported Kostopil doctors.According to deputy chief of the investigation department Yuri Rehezy almost midnight Maxim with his friend came to 39-year-old Alexander home to find out the relationship. When he came to them on the street, talk failed and resulted in a fight. Alexander hit tsvyahovyymachem Maxim's head. With the injuries he is in the intensive care unit paradiseOnno hospital. The circumstances of the incident, investigators find out more. At the police station, Alexander testified. He assured that defended for men beat the windows in his house. According to preliminary data, Max and Alexander had brought to criminal liability. In fact the injuries opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of ArtAttilly 121 (intentionally causing grievous bodily harm) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Tatiana Korolchuk, Kostopil District Police

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