In the Transcarpathian region near mountain rescuers found the lost Dragobrat skier March 1

g Dragobrat area Rakhivsky District during skiing lost a landmark and tourist wandered from town. Odessa. The group of ten people without first registering with rescue units, he went to conquer the snowy slopes DrahobrAta. Through the fog 20-year-old drove for warning signs and lost. He found the place where it was called ’ roads, and called to the rescue. In the search for a skier at 16:10 left representatives mountain rescue department Yassin village. They kept of lost tourists telephone communications ’ Connection and advised him where slid go. Then at 17:00 boy found in meadows near Urda, Toledo Rakhivsky area. Medical assistance skier is not needed, so he was taken to a temporary residence in the ski base. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region