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Ternopil athletes were winners of the Winter Cup and Championship of Ukraine

once in several athletics starts Ternopil athletes participated. In particular, the Winter Cup of Ukraine in athletics in the room, which was held in Kyiv and Ukraine Championship on throwing long held in Mukachevo. Thus, at the Winter Cup of Ukraine, etc.ryvav February 20-21 in Kyiv SHVSM Gym, regional representative DSF "Colossus" and the Regional High sports school sports master Sergey Kruk won a silver medal from the long jump for men. Disciple coach Michael Vasiruka result showed 7 m 23 cm, lost from Kiev Sergey Nikiforov, the resultsal of which 7 m 60 cm. Another athlete from Ternopil, Buchach Coach pupil who is practicing in Kiev, Master of Sports Oksana Ralko showed the third result of running the 400 meters (56.62 seconds). By Oksana were quicker Maria Makashov from Zhitomir (54.95 s) and Olga Bibik of Chernigov (55.68 seconds). Master of Sports Ivan Strebkov, which ispreparing for the European Championships in running for 1500 meters was sixth (Regional SHVSM coaches Yuri Rykalov Stepaniuc and Alexander) and his fellow team sport master Nazar fish (Coach "Colossus," coach Michael Vasiruk) running at 60 m was nine 'they would facilitate. At the competition in Mukachevo adult athletes in the discus throw with a score of 56.54, corresponding to normatyvam Master of Sports, won a bronze medal Ivan Panasyuk (Regional SHVSM coach Vladimir Kucherenko). Add that another athlete Christine Pankiv Ternopil - Chortkiv Coach pupil who is practicing in the Regional Coach led by Olga Stefanyshyn, took part in international youth competitions in athletics "Prykarpatska winter - 2015 ", which took place in Ivano-Frankivsk. In the race for 1500 meters of 5.12,48 result athlete won a bronze medal. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration