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In Rivne MPs adopted a law on deregulation of business

12 February 2015 Parliament adopted on second reading by the Government Law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on facilitating business (deregulation)." According to the bill ( 1580) on second reading vote 260 MPs 354, registerstrovanyh in the hall. He referred to the President of Ukraine. New document due to simplify business by eliminating 16 certificates, certificates, opinions and other means of regulation. According to specialists of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the law all provisions harmonized with EU requirements, reducedadministrative burden on businesses and reduced corruption risks in the procedures that exist. This document applies to the average Ukrainian. In particular, the law provides for the elimination of licensing centers and transfer their functions in centers of administrative services. Also shortened business registration canceled the publication necessitycation reports of state registration in print, established economically justified for the administrative services. Redevelopment of apartment buildings and private housing premises without interference with the supporting structures and engineering systems no longer need to obtain permits. The government also refused somes control functions in the construction industry for the benefit of local authorities. At the local level authorities will State Architectural who receive the authority to issue permits and reception facilities. Law abolished the obligation to inform the customer of the local authorities received documents to start constructingtion and acceptance of facilities; penalty for failure of such information; compulsory examination of estimates of construction projects worth up to 300 thousand. USD, which are based on public funds; restrictions on the involvement of control specialists only organizations certified Regional Development; definition Gosarhstroyinspektsii ordersber with demolition by the court samostroev. Information submitted Vitaly Herman, Head of the provision of administrative services Rivne City Council. This was reported in the Rivne City Council